Kids Bike Taupō

“Bringing bikes to the children of the Taupō District to build a cycling culture”


The 2012 Taupō Cycling Summit highlighted that Taupō is well known for its cycling events but there is a huge gap within our local people who do not ride or get regular exercise.  We believe that getting kids out riding will lead to an increase in adults on bikes, and a safer and healthier community, and help to develop a stronger cycling culture in Taupō.  The Kids Bike Taupō Programme (Kids BT) grew from this realisation. 

The emphasis is on fun and getting moving, and since we started in November 2012 we average 7,800 'rides' each year.  We have also recorded an annual average of 210 learning to ride on two wheels for the first time.

Kids BT is being supported with $5,000 per year from the Council plus some other funding.  With ongoing support from Lake Taupō Rotary and the Contact Energy Charity Golf Tournament we have now purchased a jumbo van to carry up to 30 bikes, 4 jumps, a seesaw and helmets. 

Kids BT has free sessions at the BMX Track (Taharepa Rd Mondays, 3.30pm) and Spa Park Pump Track (Tuesdays, 3.30pm).We can meet groups at Craters MTB Park (Wairakei Forest), Lions’ Walk and other great riding places all around the district.  Bike Taupō has introduced subscriptions from its members and a percentage of this income will help the Kids BT Programme.



Our programme is very popular and oversubscribed.  With a sustainable source of funding we could offer Kids Bike Taupo to more children.  Please consider how you or your business could support us.  Our main focus is on children aged 7 years and younger.  We have learnt that it is much better and easier to get on two wheels as young as possible.  We want to take the programme to all early childhood centres.



Kids Bike Taupō Long Term Goals for Children in the District

By the end of Year 2

  •  Can ride on two wheels competently.  Demonstrated by starting and stopping alone, negotiating a cone obstacle course and ride our low see saw and easy  ramps.
  •  Will be able to identify a properly fitted helmet and ask for help to if it isn’t.
  •  Will be able to check if the tyres are inflated enough and get help to pump them up.
  •  Will be able to check if the brakes work well and tell an adult if they don’t.

At the end of Year 4

  •   Can show that they can ride in a straight line with either hand off the handlebars.
  •   Will be able to control a bike slowly down a steep hill, using both brakes and standing on their pedals.
  •   Will be able to ride at least 2km on a Grade 2 mountainbike track.
  •   Can comfortably ride 5km on a flat path.
  •   Will be able to ride around the Pump Track and the BMX Track.
  •   Know how to adjust a bike helmet so it fits properly.
  •   Can adjust the seat height on the bike.
  •   Know how to pump up their tyres to the correct pressure.

At the end of Year 6

  •   Will have completed Grade 1 and 2 of the Road Safety Bicycle Course, so that they are competent riding on quiet streets.
  •   Can comfortably ride 5km on a Grade 2 mountainbike track.
  •   Can comfortably ride 10km on an easy path or on quiet streets.

Kids Bike Taupō Programme Ideas for Schools

Free ride/skills session at school.  Bikes, jumps, see saw and games. 1.5 hours


Session at the BMX Track.  1.5-2 hours.


Mountainbiking at Craters Mountainbike Park - Wairakei Forest.  Great Lake Trail, Kinloch.  Pureora Forest Timber Trails.  Waikato River Trail, Atiamuri/Whakamaru/Mangakino.  Tongariro River Trail, Turangi.  Up to 30 and probably 2-3 hours, whatever fits your schedule?


Spa Park/ODP Adventure.  Meet at Taupo Events Centre and we can spend 2-4 hours at Pump Track, Velodrome, mountainbike tracks.


Five Mile Bay Walkway.  Meet me at Wharewaka or Five Mile Bay and we can ride the easy track along the lake.  2-4 hours.

Lion's Walk.  Meet at Boat Harbour/Hot Water Beach/2 Mile Bay.  Ride as long as you like.


Please consider how your organisation could help Bike Taupō to continue and grow this programme. Contact us at  

You can also phone Cath Oldfield 027 280 4005 or email

Tips on Getting Kids Riding On Two Wheels