Otaketake June 19th

Latest shots from the Otaketake build from our intrepid early morning reporter. Apparently you have to be really really early to be up there first!

IMG 4268

IMG 4268

IMG 4268

IMG 4268

IMG 4268



Hub Car Park June 19th.

You may have wondered about the blue pipes going in. They are an upgrade of the exisitng water pipe to include a fire hydrant. This work is almost complete, so it's

time for a bigger digger!

IMG 1698

Hub Car Park Development - Started May 2019

In 2018 Bike Taupō were successful in getting half a million dollars from a TIF (Tourism Infrastructure Fund) one of the few non-government groups to do so. This funding was for the development of a new mountain biking hub (the Hub) on the vacant land opposite Kefi at the Hub and FourB. Bike Taupō has a licence from TDC to occupy this area until 2028. 

This is the concept plan:


A large part of this funding will go towards creating a carpark for trail users. There will be 51 parks in main area and a further 19 along Huka Falls Road. These parks will be longer than normal to allow loading and unloading of bikes and pedestrian access. There will also be a shelter, a bike wash facility and toilets. We will ensure that all trees currently on site are preserved. Roading and pedestrian signage will be modified to ensure everyone is safe with  the increased activity.

The carpark will link to Craters MTB Park via the tunnel under Wairakei Drive, the Cafe and Bike Hire, the Huka Trails and a soon to be constructed, shared path along Wairakei Drive to Taupō town. 





Karapiti Tunnel Pipes On-site

Everybody is familiar with the tricky road crossing from the old main car park to Hammer and Tank Stand across Karapiti Road. The good news is we are getting close to constructing a dual underpass to improve access to the northern side of the park. The pipes below have been purchased with generous funding from Lion Foundation, Grassroots, and Craters of the Moon Trust. The pipes are now on site and we are in the process of fundraising to purchase a hole to place the pipes in.




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