Huka Trails and Craters Mountain Bike Park

There are two areas of off road cycling immediately north of Taupo town. The Huka trails extend north of the town on both sides of the river and are bounded in the west by Thermal Explorer Highway, AKA Wairakei Drive. The second area is Craters MTB Park, which is located 10 minutes north of Taupō in the Wairakei Forest on the western side of Wairakei Drive.

Bike Taupō is licensed by the Crown to manage Craters MTB Park. A condition of this licence is that all users (not only cyclists) of Craters MTB Park must be a member of Bike Taupo. There are annual and visitor options, you can join ONLINE or visit a local cycle shop, or Kefi at the Hub Cafe. 

When driving north from Taupō, the park can be accessed by parking on the grass opposite the Kefi at the Hub Cafe & big helicopter and riding back across Wairakei Drive and up Inwards Goods which is to the left of Karapiti Rd. An underpass access is scheduled for March 2018, but until then take extreme care crossing the highway. Alternatively turn left on to Karapiti (Craters) Road and use the car park 500m up on the left. There is a third access beside Wairakei Drive about 500m back towards Taupo on the western side of the road which enters the forest near the start of Bumble Bee/BBC and SH Fun. If you'd like to purchase a map to plan your trip to Craters MTB Park  please visit our online shop  any  local bike shop or Kefi at the Hub Cafe.

The Huka Trails can be accessed from a variety of sites. From Taupo town Spa Park is probably the best. You can ride from control gates bridge but parking there is an issue. You can also get on the trails at Kefi at the Hub Café, Huka Falls carpark and Aratiatia Dam.

The trail maps and descriptions below have been carefully compiled and we make every effort to keep them current. Wairakei Forest is a commercial forest with pruning, logging, spraying etc, being carried out as required. It is essential that signs are obeyed and your membership tag is available for inspection.

Any person or organisation wishing to use Craters MTB Park for any event must contact  to seek permission. Please read our Craters MTB Park event policy for an outline on what may be required.

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