Craters MTB Park - Wairakei Forest

Craters MTB Park is located 10 minutes north of Taupō in the Wairakei Forest. When driving north from Taupō turn left on to Karapiti Road and the main car park is 500m up on the left. Alternatively the park can be accessed by parking on the grass opposite the Kefi Cafe & big helicopter and riding back across SHW5 and up Inwards Goods which is to the left of Karopiti Rd. There is a third access beside Wairakei Drive about 500m back towards Taupo on the western side of the road which enters the forest near the start of Bumble Bee/BBC and SH Fun.

Please note that all users of Craters MTB Park must be a member of Bike Taupo. There are annual and visitor options, you can join online or visit a local cycle shop, or the Hub Kitchen Cafe. 

If you'd like to purchase a map to plan your trip to Craters MTB Park  please visit our online shop  any  local bike shop or the Kefi Cafe.

Bike Taupō's diligent committee has compiled two extensive guides to help you plan your ride. One for the Craters MTB Park and the other for the Waikato River Trails - Taupō which is adjacent and links into Craters MTB Park. It was tough out there repetively riding the tracks checking and rechecking but somebody had to do it! All care has been taken to measure the length of the rides accurately however Bike Taupō does not claim to be exact.

Craters MTB Park - Wairakei Forest Guide to Tracks, Meeting Points and Loops

Waikato River Trails - Taupō Guide to Tracks & Loop

Bike Taupō is licensed by the Crown to manage Craters MTB Park.  

Any person or organisation wishing to use Craters MTB Park for any event must contact  to seek permission. Please read our Craters MTB Park event policy for an outline on what may be required.

Track Update 17 Oct 2016: This is to advise that the Wairakei Resort will be felling some large pines on the  Northern and Eastern side of the Resort property and along the Resorts Hot Water Stream Bike Track .  This work will be carried out by an authorised logging contractor “ Warnocks Logging”  from the 7th of November until the 2nd of December.    Can you please advise all your riders that no access will be permitted through the Resort  Hot Stream Track while this work is being undertaken.   A detour will be put in place along the Resorts fence line and through the Resort grounds to link back into the Golf Tunnel Track.      We will advise a completion date closer to the end of November when we will have some idea of progress.   Please note that the Bike Track will reopen to the Public on the weekend of 26/27th November to allow the Bike Taupo Event to be undertaken as part of the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge.