About Us

Bike Taupō Advocacy Group

Bike Taupō is a cycling advocacy group, which was formalised in October 2002 to create a community representation for Taupo cyclists.

In the Taupō District the group aims:

  • To promote cycling as a healthy, environmentally friendly and convenient form of transport
  • To work for improved conditions and image of cyclists and cycling To encourage the use of cycles for transport and recreation
  • To educate cyclists and other road users to order to improve safety and awareness of cyclists
  • To present the case for cycling in public debate and to relevant authorities
  • To advocate the implementation of the Taupō District Council Cycle Strategy document

The group has a dedicated committee of nine persons who strive to provide the Taupō community with a voice for cycling. We work along side the council in promoting education and awareness and changes to infrastructure to encourage Taupō as being the most cycle friendly town in New Zealand.

Most of our work relies on volunteers and partners. We appreciate their continuing support and could not achieve what we have without them. 

As if we haven't got enough to do, some of the team are masters at building mountain bike tracks and have steadily built up and maintain an extensive network that has been accreditated by the International Mountain Biking Association as a Silver Level Ride Centre. Our biggest project to date is the building of the  NZCT Great Lake Trail, an asset that will not only create long term economic benefits for our region but put smiles on faces of those who ride it.